Environment and Safety


Environmental protection is an integral part of corporate social responsibility. SEEL strictly follows environmental protection laws and regulations, attaches great importance to climate change and ecological protection, and continuously promotes energy conservation and emission reduction work to realize the coordinated development of production and environmental protection.

SEEL also continues to promote clean operation technologies and develops new technologies that facilitate environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, especially in oilfield production, refining and chemicals, and natural gas desulfurization.



Safety is one of the basic requirements to ensure the rapid development of our business and the health of our staff. We put safety at the top of our agenda and integrate it in our operations and the entire industry chain. We actively promote the building of a long-acting safety system and comprehensively enhance our work safety management.

We have strengthened supervision and management of safety and environmental protection performance at major fields and sectors, including well control, maintenance of oil refining units, pipeline engineering and offshore operations.

To emphasize safety management responsibility, we compiled and implemented a series of new regulations, including Management Procedures of Operational Safety and Environment Accountability, Risk Control Measures for Operational Safety, and Implementation Rules for HSE Performance Reviews, etc. We released rules and regulations on safety management, strengthen the fulfillment of work safety responsibilities by all employees, continue to promote work safety interviews and debriefings as well as performance assessments, and strengthen the safety performance appraisal of units and all employees. We have increasingly improved our safety management system with distinctive levels, hierarchical responsibilities, and coverage of all employees.

SEEL investigates potential risks to safety, and strengthens the control of risks at their source.

We implement a dual-prevention mechanism covering risk prevention and control and hazard identification and treatment for production safety, and improve the sound classified risk prevention and control system, so as to eliminate safety risks and potential hazards to prevent accidents.

Emergency Response

SEEL pays particular attention to forecasting, early warning and rapid response in our emergency response system, which is distinguished by a unified leadership, and strengthened with cross-functional responsibility and coordination.

To boost our capacity in handling various kinds of emergency, a response force supported by five bases specialized in firefighting, hazardous chemicals, long-distance oil/gas pipelines, well control, and offshore emergency rescue has been better organized.

We implement unified management over the production, operation, packaging, storage, transportation, use and disposal of hazardous chemicals.

Personnel safety has always been an overriding priority in our operations. We constantly reinforce the operation of the social security management system, fully strengthen social security risk prevention and control, and continuously enhance emergency response capabilities.